The Network Extension framework contains APIs that can be used to customize and extend the core networking features of iOS and macOS.

Network Extension Hotspot Entitlements

Except when you use the NEHotspotHelper class, you do not need to obtain entitlements from Apple to use Network Extension classes. To request an entitlement to use Hotspot Helper, visit

Personal VPN

The NEVPNManager API gives apps the ability to create and manage a Personal VPN configuration on iOS and macOS. Personal VPN configurations are typically used to provide a service to users that protects their Internet browsing activity on insecure networks such as public Wi-Fi networks.

Network Tunneling Protocol Client

You can use the NETunnelProvider family of APIs to connect iOS and macOS devices to a VPN server that uses a non-standard network tunneling protocol, such as an SSL-VPN server.

The NETunnelProvider family of APIs gives apps the ability to implement the client side of a custom network tunneling protocol, called a Tunnel Provider. The Tunnel Provider runs as an app extension. The NETunnelProvider family of APIs also contains the following classes, which are used to configure and control the Tunnel Provider:

On-Device Network Content Filter

The NEFilterProvider API gives apps the ability to dynamically filter network content on iOS devices. Apps can use the following classes in school environments to protect students as they browse the Internet using school-owned devices:

Wi-Fi Hotspot Authentication and Configuration

The NEHotspotHelper API gives your app the ability to perform custom authentication for Wi-Fi Hotspots. It gives users a way to seamlessly connect to a large aggregated network of Wi-Fi Hotspots. The NEHotspotConfiguration API lets your app configure those hotspots.

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